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December 17, 2011

Top 10 fastest-rising Google searches in 2011

Technology and celebrity dominated the top 10 list of fastest-growing Google searches in 2011, but it was a 13-year-old girl and her mockable music video that rocketed to the top spot for sudden Internet interest, according to Google’s Zeitgeist for 2011.

The search giant has put together an interactive website where you can see the data visualizations of some of the year's hottest searches. Check out Google's video overview of the year in searches, and see the full list of the fastest-rising search terms below.

1. Rebecca Black released her pop single "Friday" on the Internet in March of this year, and Google searches for her and the song peaked two weeks later. The auto-tuned song with cringe-worthy lyrics led to a media frenzy and dozens of parodies, but Black had the last laugh – her song was covered on an episode of "Glee," and she went on to star in Katy Perry’s music video, "Last Friday Night."

2. Google entered the social networking scene this year with the launch of Google+, a tool to connect users and allow people to share photos, updates, links and more. Searches for Google+ peaked the week of July 10, almost two weeks after it launched to select users, and then again on September 20 with the announcement of open sign-ups, according to Google.

3. A former star of the daredevil reality TV show "Jackass," Ryan Dunn died in a car crash in Pennsylvania in June. Police later said Dunn, 34, had a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit and was likely speeding when his Porsche crashed into a tree. During the week of his death, Google searches for the TV star spiked.

4. No other trial in 2011 captured more media attention than that of Casey Anthony, the young Florida mother accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. Following a nearly two-month-long trial, Anthony was found not guilty in July, and Google searches of the woman's name began skyrocketing.

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