The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

September 7, 2012

If School Street needs to be fixed, then go ahead and do it


Friday, September 7, 2012 — I am a member of the Richfield Methodist Church, that is located at the corner of North Main and School Street in Richfield.

I was at the recent “heated town council meeting” that was mentioned in last Thursday’s SNAP covered by SNAP reporter Brian Graves. I have a few comments and a few questions that I would like to be considered by Richfield officials and citizens.

(1) School Street has been in need of repairs for at least two years. A member of our church has attended town council meetings on more than one occasion to inquire about street repairs. Why is this street so complicated that two years must pass and the street is still being argued about?

(2) It is my opinion that Mayor Misenheimer is correct that the topic of School Street has been discussed too long.

(3) If money is available (as has been reported in the past) then fix the street to the best of the contractor’s ability — not just halfway — as was done this summer.

(4) I can’t imagine why town council persons would want to exclude Richfield School’s section of School Street. If the mayor is correct in that School Street included the section behind Richfield School, then make repairs as soon as possible. Why not?

(5) I commend Councilman Deese for stating that the section near the Methodist church needs to be improved upon, but don’t stop there — all of School Street needs to be improved upon. If we have the money — do it.

I leave the town council one last question to consider. Are you doing the very best that you can do for the school children in our community?

Ethel Crowell