The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

September 19, 2012

A few more items to consider in School Street debate


Wednesday, September 19, 2012 — On the recent debate about paving School Street in Richfield, let me state a few facts and may the “Silent Majority” decide if the street warrants attention.

(1) School Street has been in need of repairs for at least two years. Ask parents that deliver children to Richfield School. Their cars bounce across the rough pavement on a daily basis.

(2) Although the town has nearly $90,000 of state money earmarked for road repairs, our town council has chosen not to spend adequate funds for repairs of School Street leaving Richfield School neglected. How much money do we need “saved for a rainy day?”

(3) Fact – School Street is the town’s responsibility. School Street runs from the Methodist Church to the curve in the road where the old Scout Hut was once located. Who should maintain School Street if we refuse to maintain it? I certainly do not expect any sympathy from New London, Ridgecrest or North Albemarle (who have had their schools closed.)

(4) School Street is an important street with much traffic. Why would we not want to keep School Street in good shape?

(5) It is my opinion that the Richfield Town Council is sending a “very negative message of non support for Richfield School” at a time when other municipalities like Badin, Norwood, Stanfield, Locust, Oakboro and Albemarle are willingly spending funds for sidewalks and streets around their local schools.

At a time when the school board is forced to make very painful budget cuts, we should not expect the school board members to fund street repairs that should be funded by the town of Richfield.

Three schools have been closed and rumors are “the School Board is looking for No. 4.” Am I crazy to be concerned?

Jim Misenheimer,

Mayor of Richfield