The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

October 29, 2012

Kissell is best for the country


Monday, October 29, 2012 — I am fed up with dirty campaigns and political parties and all of their bickering that just leaves people numb and without any faith that anything will ever get done.

I have been very disappointed in so much of the campaigning this year, and it is clear that only one candidate for Congress has stayed away from all of this mess and tried to be honest and straight forward about what he thinks is best for our country – Larry Kissell.

I support Larry Kissell for congress because he is not a typical politician. He has been attacked from all sides for standing up for seniors and veterans and working families. The attacks on him by his opponent Richard Hudson are unfair and untrue. If a man can’t tell the truth running for Congress, you know he won’t tell the truth if he gets to Congress.

Richard Hudson has never done anything but work in politics. If he gets to go back to Washington as a Congressman, all he will do is vote a straight party line and do what he is told to do by his party bosses. Larry Kissell has never done that. He stands up for the people. I encourage everyone to support Larry Kissell so we will know that there is at least one honest man in Washington.

Ann M. Kiser