The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

January 14, 2009

A piece of work

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 — The Jan. 7 article about Alcoa contamination is an amazing piece of work. I’ll admit that I do not have detailed knowledge of all the many groups, organizations and such who do public service work just because they are inspired to do good things but I certainly have my doubts about the Yadkin Riverkeeper, Inc.

If this is truly a corporation, we would like to see a list of the officers of the corporation and standard information to support the existence of it.

As to the “newly appointed Dean Naujoks” of this corporation I detect that the entire article was created and written by the gentleman.

It reminds me of some of the informercials that we see on TV where someone is trying to sell you a gadget but pretending to be some third party authority. I may be wrong in my opinion and if so, I respect the Yadkin Riverkeeper for offering their side of the so-called Alcoa controversy.

Problem is, all of the statements made in the article provide zero evidence to the accusations presented. The listing of “known contaminants” shows names of elements, materials and chemicals that among others can be found almost anywhere, even in your own back yard.

If you want to sound an alarm, at least be accurate by telling us the actual amounts. He listed “metals” in those known contaminants. We drink water running through metals every day.

The important point here, is groups such as this seem to thrive on fear and controversy in the name of public defenders. Rumors and hearsay seem to be the foundation of our county commissioners’ vendetta against Alcoa’s Power Division and the Yadkin Riverkeeper seems to be a self appointed barking dog for the Commissioners.

All the legal and proper steps of relicensing are being completed and a final decision will result. Whatever the outcome, Stanly County has been given added value through many decades not only from jobs and economic support, but also with the existence of lakes which have provided a non-interrupted water supply, recreation, natural beauty and high end residential developments which will continue for years.

Bill Garland