The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

July 18, 2008

A few suggestions for Alcoa

Thursday, July 17, 2008 — In reply to Stanly News and Press front-page, July 8, 2008 article: “Poll shows voters favor public control of water.” It was a telephone poll. Polls are very accurate; one year ago, polls said Senator Clinton would be nominated for president.

Lindsey Dunevant is a Stanly County commissioner and North Carolina Water Rights Committee member. He talks about water rights. I quote, “a similar majority (87 percent) say the most important use of water in the Yadkin River is to ensure that there is adequate drinking water during the current drought.” I agree.

The Yadkin River is a natural God-given resource. The dams were built by man. Therefore we have manmade lakes. The lakes provide for water storage. How much of our city and county tax money was spent on dam construction?

How did our governor and state leaders provide tax money to build dams. I think they sat back and watched as private money got the job done.

If Alcoa spent the money to build the dams and lakes, then they own the property. We get our water from Tuckertown. We even sell water to Concord. Does Alcoa charge Albemarle for this water? Why does our government want to take over private property? I have no connection to Alcoa.

When this country was founded, liberty was defined as the right to own property. Would you want the government to take your property?

I am sure they make money on electricity. They should get a return on their investments. Is making a profit a crime? As long as they maintain the dams they should have a permanent license.

If I were Alcoa, before I would let the government take over, I would dismantle or tear down the dams. Drain the lakes.

I would return the river to its natural state. Then the government can raise taxes and build a new dam. Then the people would own the dam and the lake. Then they could enjoy government control.

It would take them a lifetime to pay for construction. We will get a new governor soon. Maybe we need some new county commissioners.

Thomas Shepard