The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

August 3, 2012

Who wants it local?


Friday, August 3, 2012 — This is in regard to the ad recently in the SNAP, “An Open Letter from the Citizens for Safe, Sustainable Jobs for Stanly Countians.” Read it carefully, then read it again. It begins: “Stanly County’s long-running disagreement with Alcoa comes down to a simple issue: we want to use our local natural resources to create jobs.”

It does come down to a simple issue: the egos of a handful of people who are going to damage this county for decades.

Elections are coming up and commissioners and their supporters are clutching at straws to justify over $5 million spent on lawsuits that are destined to go nowhere, and justify turning down $6 million plus another $10 million offered to Stanly by Alcoa in an attempt to bring hundreds of sustainable jobs to the county.

The logic of this open letter is fuzzy to say the least.

Alcoa’s dams are not for sale. Period.

If Stanly’s natural resources go to the Uwharrie Regional Resources Commission as part of a public/private partnership, the revenue from URRC goes to the state, not Stanly.

A great deal of fuss has been made by the commissioners about the possibility of Alcoa selling the dams to a foreign company. AltaGas is a foreign company.

This proposal for an AltaGas and URRC partnership would dilute any profits made that do not go to the state between the six-county region affected by Alcoa’s dams. How does this bring sustainable jobs to Stanly?  

Read the letter and see who is trying to keep it local. Our commissioners and leaders would give everything away, sacrifice every citizen and stoop to the lowest of levels to keep Alcoa from getting their license. Alcoa will get their license because they have done what is right.

Vanessa Mullinix