The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

October 7, 2012

Do enquiring minds really want to read this?

CNHI News Service

Sunday, October 7, 2012 —

The following letter is response to an article in the Sept. 30 SNAP:

Seriously SNAP?

While looking at the headlines on the SNAP, one read “Former doctor facing charges dies.”

I find this extremely disrespectful to Dr. Pastorini. I do not talk about people behind their back, nor those who have gone on and cannot pose a rebuttal to my statements about them. I encourage everyone to read his obituary and let him be remembered for the accomplishments in his life that are stated there. The front page article reminds me of a quote from Charles Foster Kane (in “Citizen Kane”): “I don’t know how to run a newspaper Mr. Thatcher; I just try anything I can think of.”

I guess the article about Monarch earning CQL accreditation or the article about Stanly Regional Medical Center hosting the United Way agency fair or the fact that if the reader even makes it to 7C, they will only then learn about the local “Play Fore a Cure” charity golf tournament, did not deserve the creditability of the front page.

I feel that if the death of a father, along with his convictions, is what the SNAP sees as selling more papers than the hope for a cure for breast cancer, perhaps they should re-evaluate their business plan, as well as the readers should re-evaluate their subscriptions.

With the SNAP being my first employer at the age of 15, I feel more embarrassed. I was proud of a local paper, that many towns do not have the privilege of having. However, if “Enquirer Style” news is what they feel is best for their targeted market, then I look forward to next week’s cover story of either yet another “Bigfoot” sighting, or perhaps a picture of Miley Cyrus sneaking away with the “still alive” Michael Jackson on a visit to Scarowinds; can’t wait.

Steven C. Morgan