The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

November 1, 2012

We will remember you on the ballot


Wednesday, October 31, 2012 — I would like to thank our commissioners’ stand and their wise decisions and sometimes unpopular ones regarding the Yadkin River relicensing issue.

I am thankful for our commission chairman, Lindsey Dunevant. He was elected to look out for the interest of Stanly. He and others have taken an economic stand as well as their political future for Stanly against the interest of big corporations trying to run roughshod over Stanly.

In some cases, CEOs and corporate headquarters are not even in our country anymore. It is my understanding the relicensing issue does not have a promise of jobs for the length of its term. Those jobs at ALCOA are long gone. ALCOA left Stanly. Stanly did not leave ALCOA. Many major news articles of today are noting that water and clean water issues are likely to be the gold of the future.

Stanly is a poor county compared to some surrounding counties. Stanly deserves a fair return on any monetary issues from the waters. The water belongs to the people. We would certainly want to see ALCOA treated fairly as well as our water issues, which are not fair to Stanly at this time.

I am hopeful that other opportunities for our water resources will be considered than those now being offered by ALCOA that could bring more prosperity and lasting long term success to the citizens of Stanly as we go forward.

Some candidates are starting to take their positions and some appear to be on the fence to protect their political future. This election will probably have a determining influence on the 50-year relicense issue.

I am disappointed to see candidates and politicians I have supported with my vote now appear to have lost interest in economic issues for Stanly. Thankfully, we will  remember you on the ballot.

James F. Morgan