The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

October 22, 2012

I have great respect for Nance


Monday, October 22, 2012 — I am an attorney and have practiced for 31 years in Cabarrus County. I have become aware of the results of a survey conducted by the State Bar Association concerning “judicial performance” of Lisa Blue Thacker and her opponent, John R. Nance. The survey is not flattering to Nance and I have concerns about the process in which the results were generated.

The survey apparently was communicated to lawyers in each county; however, the judicial race between Thacker and Nance is for the seat in Anson, Richmond and Stanly counties. Mr. Nance works primarily in Cabarrus County where there is not a contested race for the District Court Judiciary.

Cabarrus County lawyers probably did not respond to an email for a judicial race that does not affect Cabarrus County.

I do not recall receiving the survey and did not respond to it. I am not aware of any other Cabarrus County lawyer who responded to the survey. I appreciate the opportunity to respond now.

John Nance is second to none with respect to integrity and professionalism. I am not aware of any instance where his integrity has been questioned.

In the time that I have known him, I have come to have great respect and admiration. He has the qualities to make an excellent jurist. He is even tempered, willing to listen, not inflexible and has respect for authority.

I cannot envision John accepting the authority granted to judges and turning it into power. He is knowledgeable of and respectful of constitutional authority.

John carries himself in a professional manner. He is gracious, compassionate and caring. His personal life is a demonstration of selflessness as he sacrifices of his own time and resources to help those less fortunate.

I am pleased to endorse John Nance for district court judge.

Vernon A Russell