The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

November 1, 2012

Wyrick leads by example


Wednesday, October 31, 2012 — For the last five years my family has vacationed in Cherokee and we always go to the same family campground. We were fortunate to meet the Wyrick family about four years ago and we have become friends.

Our families vacation and trout fish together each year. We have always been impressed by the Wyricks and how they are always friendly to everyone and how close their family is to one another.

Well, this past July we learned Tracey is running for county commissioner and I wanted to share with Stanly County what he did to impress me and my husband even more. Tracey loves to trout fish and fellowship with everyone along the stream banks during the day and he is a pretty good trout fisherman.

If you have ever been to Cherokee you know that sometimes litter builds up along the stream banks and ponds. On this particular day, Tracey told us he would be back in a little bit, that he was going to his camper for a little bit. That was unusual because the trout were biting.

The next thing we knew we looked up and there was Tracey with trash bags going up and down the streams and around the ponds picking up trash and asking everyone to help out. Before you knew, about 15 people, including us, put our fishing poles down and were cleaning up litter for the next three hours. We had a blast doing it. Since we live in Lenoir and cannot vote for Tracey, we wanted to help him by sharing this.

I know if one of our candidates here took time out from their vacation to clean up other’s trash, and get others to help him I would want him leading our county.

Cherri Keller