The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

November 1, 2012

God is needed


Wednesday, October 31, 2012 — America is being taken down, not only by terrorists but by this administration’s actions.

Why did the president go around bowing to other leaders and apologizing for America?

Why did he snub the Israeli prime minister and tell the Russian premier that he would have more flexibility with Russia after the election?

Why did he give thousands of taxpayers’ dollars to other countries to drill for oil and ignored America’s need for more drilling?

For years the president listened to his former pastor Jeremiah Wright, who preached damnation to America.

Is this administration signing America up to be controlled by the United Nations including greatly limiting America’s rights to defend herself, imposing Internet and other taxes and a push to strip Americans of their right to bear arms?

Is the idea of sharing the wealth not only here in America but the whole world as well?

The president has further pitted race against race, the poor against the rich and women against men.

The embassy in Libya had been a death trap for American ambassador Chris Stevens for many months.

Stevens had repeatedly requested additional security but his requests were ignored. The president called the incident “a bump in the road.”

This administration doesn’t have the backs of the American people or their fronts either. It is most appalling they certainly didn’t have the back of ambassador Stevens or the others killed at that compound.

A terror attack can happen anywhere anytime but when there is overwhelming evidence it’s going to happen at an American embassy and security is not beefed up, this raises concern for Americans everywhere especially since the president attends only 40 percent of intelligence briefings.

This election is not about party affiliation but about Americans survival as a nation of freedoms. God is greatly needed.

Doris McRae

Mt. Gilead