The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

September 21, 2012

Storm should be a politician


Friday, September 21, 2012 — Dick Storm may have a future in politics — after all, anyone who can stand facts on their head and make it sound logical should probably be headed for Washington.

Mr. Storm makes his case for Alcoa this way: If you oppose excessive EPA regulations, oppose crippling regulations on business and oppose Obama you ought to be standing with Alcoa and voting to elect county commissioners who’ll support Alcoa.

The flaw in Mr. Storm’s case is that the problem with Alcoa hardly has a thing to do with excessive regulations on businesses. Instead, the dispute is simpler: Alcoa wants a multimillion dollar government subsidy, for 50 years, and the commissioners are saying in return it ought to put something back into the community — specifically good paying jobs.

The commissioners have also found another company, AltaGas, that is willing to work with them to do just that. AltaGas will help bring jobs to Stanly County in exchange for the same subsidy Alcoa wants (the free use of the Yadkin River for five decades to generate billions of dollars worth of hydroelectricity).

AltaGas is also willing to share the money generated from the production of electricity and the distribution of drinking water with Stanly County. They will become a partner with Stanly County in every way.

For Dick Storm to tell us voters to support Alcoa if they want to end Obama regulations is political bull. The fact is Mr. Storm is supporting big government subsidies for Alcoa (which is his client) with no benefit to the public anywhere close to what it is receiving.

If you disagree with Mr. Storm and his paying customer, Alcoa, vote to re-elect the county commissioners. They disagree with Mr. Storm as well.

Michael Snyder