The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

January 9, 2014

Police: Man assaults teacher in Central Elementary School parking lot

By Ritchie Starnes, News Editor

Thursday, January 9, 2014 — Central Elementary School went on temporary lockdown Tuesday afternoon after a man allegedly assaulted a teacher in the parking lot.

After an interview with police on Wednesday, the teacher decided to press charges against the man for assault, according to Albemarle Police Capt. David Dulin.

Those charges have yet to be served on the suspect since he has since been commited to the hospital for a mental health evaluation, Dulin said.

“It’s not a person who was attempting a crime,” Dulin said.

“He had psychiatric issues.”

The man allegedly accosted the female teacher as she walked toward her car in the school’s parking lot, Dulin said.

“Due to his unstable nature, we took him to the hospital,” Dulin said.

Stanly County Schools Superintendent Terry Griffin said Wednesday that other school staffers intervened to assist the teacher.

“One of the teachers was on the way to her car when an unidentified individual blocked her path,” Griffin said.

“Other staff members observed the incident and began to make noise to distract him long enough for her to get inside her car.”

A school resource officer from Albemarle High School responded to the scene, which occurred after classroom hours. Elementary schools do not house SROs.

Griffin said she visited the school Wednesday to follow up.

“They were going about business as usual,” she said.

Central Elementary, on Third Street in Albemarle, teaches grades K-5.

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