The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

September 21, 2013

City OKs zoning request

By Shannon Beamon, Staff Writer
Bloomberg News

Saturday, September 21, 2013 — At a recent Albemarle City Council meeting, the Old Central School got one step closer to being sold.

The city council approved a 2.43-acre one-lot subdivision, essentially separating the Old Central School and grounds from the new.

Before this motion passed, the Old Central School and grounds and the new Central Elementary building and grounds were considered part of the same lot.

The lot created by the subdivision will include the Old Central School and grounds.

The parking lot and driveway of the new Central  Elementary School will remain under the ownership of the school board, but Mark Lowder, school board attorney, said an appeasement can be granted so that new property owners could use the driveway between the two buildings to access the back of the facilities.

The current asking price for the property is $150,000.

“[The subdivision] had to be done at some point,” Lowder said.

They held off on paying for a survey necessary to define the new lot until someone showed serious interest in the property.

The Historic Central School LLC, led by Coburn Hartsell, signed a contract for the property, Lowder said, and that was when the school board began the survey process.

However, the Historic Central School LLC decided to withdraw from the contract. Lowder said the school board decided to continue with the survey and subdivision of the property since the process was already in motion.

“This way [potential buyers] will know exactly what they’re getting,” Lowder said.

“And that always helps.”

Other parties have shown an interest in the property, Lowder said.