The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

December 30, 2013

ResCare welcomes new home office

By Shannon Beamon, Staff Writer

Sunday, December 29, 2013 — While many businesses celebrate Christmas with parties or presents, ResCare HomeCare in Albemarle celebrated the season with a special treat this year.

December marks their first month in new offices at 731 N. Second St.

“We’ve been growing a lot,” Andrea Merriman, human resources supervisor for ResCare, said.

The ResCare office in Albemarle has served Stanly, Montgomery and Union counties for more than 13 years. Recently it expanded its programs in order to work with Humana and a mental health group as well.

“We really needed more space,” Merriman said.

Their old offices on North First Street consisted of five small rooms.

“It wasn’t handicap accessible. We shared a bathroom with another business,” Merriman said.

“It just wasn’t feasible for the image we’re trying to show people. We’re supposed to represent home care for the elderly and if they can’t get up the steps, what’s the point.”

Merriman said their new facilities are much more suitable. Not only do they feature their own restrooms and a wheelchair-friendly entrance, but they’ve also more than doubled their space.

“I think the new conference room is almost bigger than the whole old office put together,” she said.

Their new facilities also include a kitchen.

“I think that’s my favorite part,” she said.

“Now our aids can get their hands-on training right here.

“Really we’re excited about the whole place. I think it better represents who we are.”

Just as the new facility is making things easier on them, Merriman said it is their goal to make things easier on others.

ResCare provides a variety of home care services for the elderly, ranging from personal care services such as bathing, meal preparation  and shopping to Telecare systems meant to help family members and nurses keep an eye on individuals without intruding on their space.

“It’s all about keeping people in their homes where they want to be,” Executive Director Malissa Pompey said.

Both she and Regional Director Cathleen Spooner came down for the new facility’s open house.

“We want to give clients 110 percent so that they can feel safe where they are,” Pompey said.

“It’s a 24-7 job and we never really close.”

Vickie Martin, a registered nurse with ResCare, said that kind of service is particularly important during the holiday season.

“Some of these people are by themselves and it’s really special for them to have somebody come in on Christmas and just sit with them,” Martin said.

Merriman agreed.

“We have a lot of people who work on Christmas here because we want to make sure our clients always have somebody they can reach out to,” she said.

With their new offices, Merriman said everyone is better equipped to provide that kind of care.

“We’ve got plenty of room,” she said

“And a spot to put the Christmas tree, too.”

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