The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

January 30, 2013

RDC assists youth with education, employment

By Ian Faulkner, Staff Writer

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 — “Our goal is education and jobs,” Youth Development Specialist Jim Kohn from the Resource Development Center, Inc. (RDC) said.

The RDC is for Stanly County youth who need assistance in getting back into school and/or finding employment. The RDC offers their services to low-income, handicapped or troubled youth. They sponsor youth from high school to college, ages 17-21.

The RDC manages the Stanly WIA (Workforce Investment Act) program, which is funded by the Centralina Workforce Development Board.

Soon youth at RDC will participate in a fundraiser by selling United States flags.

The flags will be $15 per kit, but the RDC is offering free installation and free disposal of an old flag, in a dignified manner, of course.

“We’re going with a little more expensive flag, but it was made in the USA,” Kohn said.

He noted that they could have gone with a $10 kit, but that flag was made in China.

“It was the right thing to do, though it’s a little more,” Kohn said.

Kits come with a 3-foot by 5-foot U.S. flag, mounting bracket, six-foot pole and a 5-inch gold plastic eagle top.

He explained that he got the idea from his mother, who used to sell flags to benefit an organization when Kohn was young.

“One hundred percent of the profits will go to Homes of Hope, the Pregnancy Resource Center and the Esther House. We’ll be going out and taking orders soon and should be able to deliver flags within two weeks. The plan is to be ongoing with this. People always need flags,” Kohn said.

He relayed that the RDC would eventually like to sell North Carolina flags or speciality flags.

“One kid wanted to know how many flags you can sell. ‘You would be surprised,’ I told him.

“There is a sense of pride in having a flag.

“We want to be the source for American flags in the county.”

He talked about what sort of youth they assist at RDC.

“Kids that need the help and do their part when they get it,” he said.

Kohn explained that youth at RDC help in other ways to raise money. At a craft show for Monarch, RDC youth gave away food and took donations, giving the raised funds to the Pregnancy Resource Center and Esther House.

Kohn spoke of many of the services that the RDC offers.

Paid work experience is one service. The RDC helps place the youth in a job and then pays the salary for the youth, rather then the company having to pay for it.

Another service is OJT (on the job training). If the youth qualifies, RDC will pay half of their salary for six months.

“This is an excellent resource for training. A company can hire someone who may not be a skilled worker and this gives the company time to train them,” he said.

“It’s a wonderful tool for the youth and the company.”

One more service they offer are workshops, one in particular called, “Skills to pay the Bills.”

“They learn soft skills in these workshops, like how to communicate on the job. It’s difficult to find that. You usually have to go back to learn these skills,” Kohn said.

For more information on the RDC, visit resource

To order a flag, call (704) 982-0120 or (704) 322-5933.