The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

January 28, 2013

Check zeroes in on non-compliant sex offenders


Monday, January 28, 2013 — United States Marshal for the Middle District of North Carolina Bill Stafford, in conjunction with Sheriff Rick Burris of the Stanly County Sheriff’s Office, announces the conclusion of a three-day sex offender registry compliance check.  

The purpose of the operation was to identify any non-compliant sex offenders by conducting home checks at their listed residences. Even though the overwhelming majority of sex offender registrants were in compliance with related state statutes, the checks identified several non-compliant sex offenders who were in violation of state and local laws.  

Running from Tuesday to Thursday of last week, investigators from the above agencies as well as the North Carolina Depart-ment of Public Safety- Department of Community Corrections fanned out across Stanly County in an effort to identify any registered sex offenders who were in violation of North Carolina criminal statutes.  

In one instance, investigators conducting a check were invited into a residence by a registrant.  After being invited into the residence, investigators ob-served and seized approximately one ounce of crack cocaine and arrested the registrant.

In addition to this arrest, several other investigations were opened by the Stanly County Sheriff’s Office for failing to notify the last registering sheriff of an address change and for accessing a social networking site.  

More than 100 compliance checks were accomplished by visiting the residences of current sex offender registrants in all four counties.    

“This is a great example of federal and local law enforcement agencies joining forces for the betterment of our communities” said Stafford of the recently concluded compliance operation.  

Further commenting on the operation, Stafford said, “Non-compliant registrants should take notice that their illegal activity will not be tolerated in Stanly County.”  

In reference to the operation, Burris said the compliance operation was a success.  

“We were able to get out and confirm the addresses of almost every sex offender in our county,” Burris said.

“Those few who are believed to be in non-compliance are currently under investigation for these violations. The Stanly County Sheriff’s Office is committed to maintaining a high level of sex offender compliance and I am glad to have been able to join forces with the U.S. Marshals Service and the North Carolina Department of Public Safety in this very successful operation.”    

In 2006, the United States Marshals Service was designated by Congress as the lead agency in prosecuting registry violators who disregard their legal responsibilities and do so while residing outside of their state of registry.

In addition to this prosecutorial responsibility, the United States Marshals Service is also tasked with assisting law enforcement agencies in their efforts to enforce state and local registry statutes.

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