The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

May 19, 2011

Marriages for the Month of April 2011


Thursday, May 19, 2011 — Marriages for the Month of April 2011

• 04/02/2011—Terri Lynn Burris Roberts and Tony Lentz Morton, Jr.

• 04/02/2011—Ashlyn Elizabeth Hairfield and James Aaron Chandler

• 04/02/2011—Laura Ashley Kivett and Johnny Dwayne Edwards

• 04/02/2011—Linda Marie McKeithan and Tomich Litz Xiong

• 04/07/2011—Laura Ann Taylor and James Ray Brown

• 04/07/2011—Tara Nicole Isenhour and Justin Allen Hopkins

• 04/09/2011—Kristen Nicole Bailey, and John Paul Boing

• 04/09/2011—Ashley Lynn Barbee and Justin Ray Burgess

• 04/09/2011—Sheryl Lynn Hann-abach Boothe and Robert Mark Morgan

• 04/09/2011—Adrienne Brooke Ward and Travis Verne David Smith

• 04/09/2011—Evelyn Mae Burrow and Jonathan Thomas Hill

• 04/09/2011—Cathy Jane McKee Dutton and John Edward Fraley

• 04/09/2011—Jennifer Marie Everett and David Christopher Taylor

• 04/10/2011—Erin Lee Foster and Joseph Todd Blackmon

• 04/15/2011—Deborah Dee Forbes Wrona and Jeffery Joseph Benton

• 04/15/2011—Crystal Latisha Green and Devon Dejatorian Jones

• 04/16/2011—Teresa Ann Watkins and Jason Blair Keeney

• 04/16/2011—Amie Marie Crayton and Jeff Wayne Swaringen

• 04/16/2011—Marlene Vargas Jaimes and Jose De Paz Flores

• 04/17/2011—Amanda Renae Powers and Adam Wilson Lowder

• 04/19/2011—Haley Carol Jones and Brian Anthony Stewart

• 04/22/2011—Cheyanne Blake Allman and Cordiares Sanchez Brewer

• 04/22/2011—Brooke Lauren Griffin and John William Duggan

• 04/23/2011—Crystal Gayle Wells Cline and Mark Anthony Swinson

• 04/23/2011—Jill Annette Klosterman and Shane Philip Poplin

• 04/23/2011—Sara Elizabeth Long and Joseph Lee Ferguson

• 04/25/2011—Misty Lynn Barbee and Matthew Clark Papin

• 04/29/2011—Lori Beth Lowder and Cleveland Devon Graham Jr.

• 04/29/2011—Andrella Shirlisa McLendon and Anthony Lashone Dunlap

• 04/29/2011—Loretta Janine Cox and Matthew Scott Martin

• 04/30/2011—Christina Marie Clowney and Leonard Donnell Mason

• 04/30/2011—Laura Joy Johnson and Geoffrey Brandon Thomas

• 04/30/2011—Mary Gladys Miller Almond and James Nelson Mauldin

• 04/30/2011—Shay Allyn Austin and Grant Benjamin Russell

• 04/30/2011—Shelby Lynn Austin and Richard Derrick James

• 04/30/2011—Amy Nicole Bowden and Bryan Eugene Coe

• 04/30/2011—Astacia Celeste Bryant and David Ray Thompson