The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

June 18, 2013

Shining stars in a time of darkness

CNHI News Service

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 — The acts of kindness shown during the aftermath of Thursday night’s storm is a nice sign for humanity.

First, we have to thank the fire fighters, police officers, state troopers, first responders, emergency service personnel, medical teams and others who may have helped from the beginning of the storms. Many of these individuals are probably still out helping sort out this horrific mess.

We also think of the American Red Cross and emergency services who opened up an emergency shelter at Albemarle High School. We did not hear of anyone using the shelter, but it is nice to know that it was available if needed.

We like the signs of neighbors helping neighbors, such as the many members of the community who digged out their chainsaws and came to the need of many who were either trapped in their homes or driveways from the rest of society.

Neighbors also helped by offering free meals, such as the one Friday at High Rock Community Church. We know that many others may be helping provide meals, shelters or free services in the coming days. We look forward to sharing these acts of kindness as well.

Speaking of kindness, the North Carolina Baptist Men Disaster Relief Team spread out throughout Albemarle Friday, offering to clean up areas for free. One team was near Anderson Grove Baptist Church and other teams from throughout the state, including at least one group from Union County, were analyzing the situation and deciding on the best aim of attacking the debris.

Thursday night was scary for a few moments. While we have many thunderstorms that may send shockwaves through many in the area, we do not usually have storms like the microbursts that hit us that night. We had Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and the tornadoes in 1999, but thank goodness we don’t have storms like this often.

And thank goodness that this was not as severe as Oklahoma. We have to be thankful for that. We also have to be thankful that we survived.

Homes can be repaired. Cars can be replaced. People can’t.