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March 26, 2014

Republicans Socialists?


Tuesday, March 25, 2014 — (Editor’s note: Letters to the editor are the opinions of our readers and do not represent the views of The Stanly News & Press. Not all points presented as facts in the letters have been verified.)

Republicans Socialists?

Gauged by Alinsky levels.

1. Control Healthcare. How much time and money have the Republicans spent to control healthcare?

2. Increase the poverty level. Who will not vote on raising the minimum wage?

3. Was the biggest increase in the debt, during the recovery as Bush left office, or under Obama?

4. When has a law abiding citizen had a gun taken, or kept from buying one?

5. Control all aspects of peoples lives. Do the same people, control most aspects of of our lives, that created the recession? When will the government top that?

6. Have you ever looked at a commercial on TV? Who controls what you watch?

7. The Republicans have been working to keep their version of God in all aspects of life. Do I have to go to your church or you mine to be a good citizen? Religious freedom?

8. The Republicans, want to take middle class money to help the poor, and close the growing gap between the rich and the poor to avoid dividing America?

Look around you, without your red or blue tinted glasses.

Is one better because of the color, you always wear them, or because they make America better?

Whether you like it or not we are all in this together. If you belong to a family, a church, a group or club, you have to care a little for others, that puts a little socialism in you. There has to be a balance between the extremes of capitalism and socialism.

Try to get to a happy median between yourself, country, state, community, God and family before you go to the polls in May and November.

Walt Deppe