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March 26, 2014

Aren’t rules meant to be enforced?


Tuesday, March 25, 2014 — (Editor’s note: Letters to the editor are the opinions of our readers and do not represent the views of The Stanly News & Press. Not all points presented as facts in the letters have been verified.)

Aren’t rules meant to be enforced?

Do we, or don’t we have a leash law in Stanly County?

There is a female dog that desires the attention of my dog. She has come to seek him out twice in the last six months.

The problem is when she visits she brings other male dogs seeking her attention. This creates another problem; they attack my dog.

Now mind you, my two dogs have wireless collars and cannot leave the yard. So, my male is being attacked on my property.

I called Animal Control only to find out they could do nothing if I didn’t know who owned the dogs. I have no idea who this female dog belongs to.

She appears and disappears mysteriously, so do the dogs accompanying her. But is that my job to find out whose dogs they are? I also called when stray dogs running loose in the neighborhood killed a neighbor’s small dog. I got the same answer.

According to Animal Control, I could request a trap on Mondays. I called on Wednesday and could not put my request in until Monday. There is also a waiting list so there is no telling when the trap would be available. And someone will have to be home to sign for the trap.

So, if you work or happen to have an appointment, what do you do?

Another option is I can get my dog neutered. I have a registered Boston terrier that I want to one day have an offspring from. Why should he have to be neutered?

I am being a responsible owner by keeping my dog on my property. The rescue dog I also have has been spayed.

Why are responsible pet owners being punished and why is the leash law not being enforced?

Mae Teal