The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

September 4, 2013

Back to School

By Doug Creamer

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 — Have you seen the yellow school buses on the road yet? Most schools are open and running, and the big yellow school buses are making their rounds. I’ve been trained to drive the activity buses so I can take my DECA students to competitions. Our legislature recently decided that all bus drivers need to be trained the same, which meant that I had to learn to drive a big yellow school bus.

Over the summer break I had to attend training which included both bookwork and behind the wheel experience. There was a sizable written test and a lengthy road test. We not only had to learn the skills, we had to demonstrate them, too. The lady in charge of all this for Davidson County is the best. She demonstrated and taught us everything we had to do and then expected us to perform the tasks to perfection. Student and bus driver safety are her No. 1 priority, but somehow she made the experience enjoyable.

So those big yellow buses are rolling again and they have the huge responsibility of bringing the students to a safe and pleasant learning environment. They didn’t give us much time to prepare our classrooms this year, as they filled our workdays with meetings. But somehow we all worked hard, from the janitors to the teachers and principals, to get ready for another engaging school year.

The task of teaching and raising up the next generation is something that most of us do not take lightly. I consider it a calling; a mission field; a place where I can have a positive effect on my little corner of the world. I believe it is important to live with integrity in front of my students, to model for them what the business community is looking for in future employees. I am not perfect, but I strive to help them achieve excellence.

Monday was the first day back for students, and I realize I once again have the high honor of trying to plant the seeds of marketing and entrepreneurship into the hearts of my students. I want to see my students succeed and go out into the world and make a positive difference. Since I have been back I have seen several former students who are out there pursuing their dreams and raising their own families. It is so great to see students who have launched and soared.

Teaching and raising the next generation is not confined to the classroom. There is a calling on each of our lives to help raise up the next generation. In a spiritual sense, I believe we have the responsibility to be a good example and to share our experiences with younger Christians who are just learning to follow the Lord. It’s not easy to follow the Lord, so we need to be encouraged by each other on our journey.

In a way, we are all still learning. No one knows everything about God, so there is always something to learn. While God wants us to know the scripture and to learn about him through reading His word, He also wants us to learn more about Him through our personal experience with Him. God wants to reveal Himself to us but we have to spend time with Him to learn more about Him. God’s ways and thoughts are not our ways and thoughts, so we have to spend time with Him and learn from Him.

Spiritual school is always in session. There is required reading and there are plenty of learning activities. There will also be tests because God wants to make sure we succeed in our walk with Him. The good news is that God is a great teacher. He makes sure we know the answers ahead of time. He’s given us plenty of great examples of how to live this life through His word. He is patient with us as we struggle to grow spiritually. If we fail a test, He is right beside us encouraging us to get up and try again. God is a good teacher.

I want to encourage you to never stop learning about God. His ways are mysterious but He reveals them to those who seek His face. He has high expectations because He believes that we all can and will succeed. He is a good God who encourages and challenges us to a deeper walk with Him. Walking with God is a never-ending, wonder-filled, awesome experience. So pick up His book, draw close to the good teacher, and be prepared to learn life’s lessons.

Doug Creamer teaches Marketing at East Davidson High School. His website is  Contact him at PO Box 777, Faith, NC 28041 or email him at