The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

August 19, 2013

Martin column has ‘no solid logic’ 


Monday, August 19, 2013 — As regards to D.G. Martin’s “Does this apply to Nazi Germany, Egypt or our state?” it can only be said that his article is one of the most outrageous and morally loathsome pieces of opinion I have read anywhere in quite some time and that it is, as near as I can recall, the worst I have ever encountered in the pages of this publication.

It is built around the insinuation that Republican politicians in our state are the moral equivalents of the Nazi’s, who were, of course, some of history’s great villains. This is an example of what is called the Reduction ad Hitlerum, a logical fallacy that preys on the mind’s tendency to engage in ‘guilt by association’, if only subconsciously, and which substitutes an assault upon one’s opponents for factual or evidentiary argument.

In other words, Martin has no solid logic or truth upon which to build his opposition to the recent actions of the state government, so he is reduced to attacking them as a group and speaking ill of them. Either that or, worse still, he honestly cannot tell the difference between the Nazi’s – a group who engaged in genocide (of multiple races), forced euthanasia, imperialism, war crimes, human experimentation, oppression, and tyranny and cruelty of the worst types – and his fellow citizens, in which case his thoughts and ‘observations’ are unworthy of publication.

I do not agree wholly with what the state has done as of late, but there is a way to disagree; and rudely suggesting that one’s opponents are profoundly wicked is not it. Sound, reasoned and factual argument is, but Martin has given us none of that.

Tom Hervey