The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

May 22, 2013

We are Uniquely Made


Wednesday, May 22, 2013 — Earlier this week the seniors at our school had one final hurdle to jump before graduation. They had to present their senior projects before panels of community members. Each room had four adults: the moderator and the three judges. You can be sure the students were quite nervous, but they usually do a great job. If they have practiced and prepared then they should experience success.

The students choose a topic that is unique and interesting to them. They write a research paper about that topic. Then they create a product that is related to their research. They create a notebook to document their product and their research. Finally, they have to present their results to the panel of community members. It is a tough process, but when the students do their work properly they really shine on presentation night.

When the students get everything done they should have created something that is unique. While there are some similar topics, each student creates something that reflects who they are and something that interests them. Many students pursue careers that are related to their senior projects, while others discover life-long hobbies. It is a self-directed learning process.

Our spiritual growth and self-discovery should be similar. God made each one of us uniquely with talents, skills, and abilities that reflect our unique personality. While some of us have similar backgrounds and abilities, the way they are expressed is unique to us as individuals. Part of our responsibility is to seek out who we are and how God wants to use us for His kingdom.

The first step to this process is spending time with God the Father. He created each one of us and He gave us gifts and abilities. The reason He gives us unique talents and skills is so we can fulfill our unique purpose. God wants to reach out and bless others through us. He may want to use you to reach out to the lost. Actually, each one of us has opportunities to express God’s love to people we know and interact with every day. Some people will discover God’s love through the light that shines from our lives.

God may also want to use your unique personality to be a blessing to our brothers and sisters in Christ. You might have the unique inspiration or encouragement that someone else needs to press on in their walk with God. Honestly, we all go through difficult and dark places and we all need inspiring words that will give us the desire to press on. Your testimony about how God helped you through a difficult time can be the source of strength that will help someone else who finds themselves in similar circumstances.

Discovering how God can uniquely use you also comes from a willingness to step out of your comfort zone. It is easier to look away or to let someone else step up to the plate. God will get His purposes accomplished but He chooses to use you and me. If we choose not to step forward then we are going to miss a great blessing. Trusting God to use us and to work through us is scary, but I promise if you’ll take the risk He will work through you every time.

Some people fear that they won’t have the right words, but when you share your story from the heart it will touch other people’s lives. We all have unique stories of how God helped us in our hour of need, how He met and cared for us. Those are powerful testimonies that can help others put their trust in God. God is faithful; trust Him to give you the words.

Every church needs more workers. Every community needs praying people. There are opportunities in your community, at your place of work or school, even among your friends and relatives where you can be the hands and feet of God and speak His loving words of comfort. I believe that God can reach in and help those in need, but He often chooses to use us.

I want to encourage you to consider how uniquely you are made. God made you in His image so you could be His representative to the world. I believe God wants to use you. Trust Him and look for the opportunities; there are hurting people all around you. If you are willing, God will fill you so you can share with others out of your abundance. Be willing to share your uniqueness with the world.

Doug Creamer teaches Marketing at East Davidson High School. His website is at Contact him at PO Box 777, Faith, NC 28041 or email