The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

November 12, 2013

When will justice be served?


Tuesday, November 12, 2013 — March 7, 2009, was the last time I would hear the voice of my son, Ricky Lowder. He called to wish me a happy birthday and say, “I love you, Dad.”

On March 8, 2009, I was awakened with a call at 5 a.m. that would change my life. I was informed that my son and his mother had been killed.

For the past five years I have lived this day over and over on my birthday. I will never get another call from my son or be able to hear his voice. No more will I hear happy birthday, no more “I love you, Dad” and no more can I see my son. I now have to visit his grave on his birthday, Christmas and other times I want to talk to him.

This incident has taken a toll on my health. Not only do I not have my son, the man that is charged with his murder and the murder of his mother has not been to trial.

Five years have passed and nothing has been done to Gary Sells. So, I ask, why is it that a man that is charged with double murder has not been tried? The district attorney and Albemarle police have done their part, so why can the court system not do their part?

I think five years is long enough to wait on the trial to be over. I need to have peace and know that justice has been served. I need to see the man that murdered my son be tried and convicted by a court of law.

The family of Sells can call and see him on his birthday, holidays, tell him they love him and hear his voice.

I will never have that. He took my son from me and I want justice.

Jerry D. Lowder

New Salem