The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

August 9, 2013

Just who exactly is that team out on the gridiron?

By Charles Curcio, Sports Editor

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 — This past Sunday was shaping up to be a great day for me with the opening of the National Football League’s preseason and Sunday’s 50th Hall of Fame Game.

When I saw the listings I was thrilled to see my Miami Dolphins were taking on the Dallas Cowboys, a favorite of my old friend and broadcast partner, Big Play Ray.

I have been a fan of the Fins all my life, as I have talked about several times in previous columns.

When I was growing up, the technology for graphics for televised games was not sophisticated, so you had to rely on your knowledge of the team’s colors and logos.

So I turned on Sunday’s game and saw the familiar blue star outlined in white, with the white shirts with blue lettering and the silver pants with the blue and white stripes.

Then there was the other team on the field.

First, I want to know who picked that awful shade of aqua that looks closer to a robin’s egg blue crayon or the old Hornets’ teal than the traditional green.

I read a tweet that legendary head coach Don Shula said regarding the new colors that they are more like the 70s and 80s team colors.

With all due respect, that is not accurate. I have a book containing stories from the undefeated 17-0 season of Miami in 1972 and the colors are a much darker green and orange.

And navy blue? Why was head coach Joe Philbin wearing a navy blue shirt?

Because navy is now an official color of the team.

Give me strength.

The old Dolphin on the logo was breaching, or jumping, out of the water with a sunburst silhouette.

The new logo shows a swimming dolphin that looks like a performing whale from SeaWorld.

If he is swimming in the water, he can’t be in the air with the sun behind him.

Another epic fail.

Dolphin Denny is gone, people remember 17-0  less and less, and now I don’t recognize the team my father and I cheered for so passionately over the years.

Someone there should worry less about changing colors and more about changing the team’s level of success.

I promise you, the only way I’ll ever wear that logo is on a Super Bowl championship hat. Even then, it won’t still be exactly right.