The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

July 30, 2013

Law changes shape of county commission, school board

By Tiffany Thompson, Staff Writer

Tuesday, July 30, 2013 — Stanly County commissioners and Stanly County school board will soon be comprised of seven members, five elected from districts and two at-large. This change comes about after the North Carolina State Legislature voted this week to approve the changes.

“I’m excited about this opportunity to widen the bench [for the commissioners] and have more players on the team to work together to improve Stanly County and recruit jobs here. I think it is important to have a deep bench that will work together to make that happen,” Rep. Justin Burr said.

Burr first proposed the bill that would change the two boards as House Bill 1005, but earlier this week it was added to Senate Bill 317, which made similar changes to the Guilford County Board of Education.

“Rather than running the bills as two separate ones, they were combined to run together,” Burr said.

After passing through the Senate on Thursday and the House of Representatives on Friday, Senate Bill 317 was ratified and is now Session Law. The portion of the law that applies to Stanly County will become effective July 1, 2014.

The law changes the structure of the Stanly County Commission by adding two commissioners, while it reduces the Stanly County Board of Education by two members. Both boards will have seven members.

Five members from both boards will be elected from single-member residency districts and will be voted on by the entire county. The other two members will fill the at-large seats. All members will then serve four-years.

In 2014, one at-large seat and four district seats will be up for election on the Stanly County Commission. The remaining at-large seat and district seat would be elected in 2016, which would create staggered terms.

On the Stanly County School Board, one at-large seat and one district seat will be elected in 2014. Then in 2016, the remaining seats would be elected.

The law does not alter the term of office for board members whose terms expire in 2016.

As a stipulation in the law, each member who is elected from a district must be a resident of that district.

The district divisions, which are similar for both boards, are as follows (with population totals):

 District 1: Big Lick 1, Big Lick 2, Furr 1 and Furr 2 voting precincts (14,944)

 District 2: South Albemarle, East Albemarle, Tyson, East Center and West Center voting precincts (11,687)

 District 3: North Albemarle, Ridenhour, Almond and Endy voting districts (9,434)

 District 4: Badin, Palmerville, New London and Richfield voting districts (9,143)

 District 5: Albemarle 2, Albemarle 3, Albemarle 7, Albemarle 8, Albemarle 10 and Albemarle 11 voting districts (15,377).

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