The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

January 16, 2013

Duck season? Not in District Park

Oakboro Police search for clues as to who fired fowl shots

By Justin Jones, Staff Writer

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 — Duck hunting is a legal hobby or sport that takes place in portions of the fall and winter.

However, taking that sport outside of normal conditions and into Oakboro’s District Park as they suspect someone did last weekend has Oakboro Police searching for a shooter.

“Right now, we believe several ducks may have been shot over a two day period. And it probably began as early as Friday morning,” Oakboro Police Chief Joe Lowder said.

According to Lowder, Oakboro Police have testimonies of people who say they heard gun shots near the park, but police believe those shots may have been coming from nearby Richard Sandy Road, which is “a good ways” off from the park, Lowder said.

With the activity from Richard Sandy Road believed to be unrelated, Lowder said his department does not have any suspects at this time, but police did recover evidence near the scene, which he said may be helpful once it returns from lab testing.

Lowder said he would also welcome any information the community might have if citizens believe it could be helpful to their investigation.

Oakboro District Park is within Oakboro’s City Limits, which prohibits the use of a firearm for recreational use. Lowder said that offense would classify as a misdemeanor.

What could have been more concerning is that if waterfowl hunting season had expired, which would have then violated federal hunting laws.

During this time though, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has duck among other waterfowl as being in season.

Lowder declined to say what type of firearm was used and how many ducks were killed in the shooting.

To contact Oakboro Police Department, call (704) 485-4214.