The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

March 4, 2013

Leaders draw a line in the river

Stanly, Cabarrus work to define where county line lies

By Brian Graves, Staff Writer

Monday, March 4, 2013 — A study has been ongoing to clarify exactly where the border is between Stanly County and Cabarrus County.

Stanly County Manager Andy Lucas said the study is not about any “border war” for tax purposes, but to simply verify exactly where the line exists to avoid any confusion.

“At the very most, the line is off 30 feet from the Stanly County side,” Lucas said.

He said the survey would not result in any major businesses being able to be claimed by Cabarrus County.

“Cabarrus County intitated the process with Mecklenburg County and Rowan County, then approached us in 2009, Lucas said.

“They are just trying to establish the appropriate border for all their adjoining counties.”

Stanly County was approached about the process and agreed to have the North Carolina Geodetic Survey (NCGS) confirm the borders using deed records and, in some cases, markers that was placed by them during previous studies.

Lucas said NCGS did not have the funding to begin the survey until last year.

“They have found where there is actually a marker in the Rocky River and a marker at the point where Cabarrus, Stanly and Rowan counties meet,” Lucas said.

He said the line is actually a straight line and Stanly County has been following the river as a boundry.

Lucas said there will have to be special legislation passed to show it is the river and not actually the surveyed line that serves as the border.

“It’s not really that big of a deal because counties do it all the time,” Lucas said.

He said the county has agreed with Cabarrus that once evaluations are complete, the two would sit down and look at areas where houses and parcels may have have found themselves divided.

“There are very few of those,” Lucas said.

“There are a few where we are already sharing that tax base. But, they’re not in any hurry to do that and we’re not.

“It’s just a matter of establishing where the line was and getting the local bill passed about following the river.”

He said he expects very few issues to have to be resolved once the two counties meet with all of the available data that has been produced.

“There will be some horse trading I’m sure in terms of making sure we don’t lose tax base and they gain a whole bunch or vice versa,” Lucas said.

“That wasn’t the driving factor for doing it. It was just to clean up where the lines where.”

A presentation will be given to county commission Monday night to show board members more about the survey and the necessary legislation.