The Stanly News and Press (Albemarle, NC)

July 22, 2013

Canupp faces ban from Albemarle property

Tiffany Thompson

Monday, July 22, 2013 — Despite updating his candidate filing application, Joe Canupp may still face a road block in the upcoming municipal election.

Canupp, 58, filed his candidacy with the Stanly County Board of Elections on July 5. He is seeking the District 2 seat on Albemarle City Council.

At the time of his filing, a question was raised regarding Canupp’s eligibility to seek an office because he pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter in 1999.

Despite the guilty plea, however, Canupp is permitted on the ballot, according to Kim Wilson, Stanly County elections director.

She said that he would only be ineligible to run for sheriff, providing that his citizenship rights have been restored.

At the time of his filing, though, Canupp did not include the manslaughter charge on his candidacy application. He was given until July 19 to correct the discrepency. According to Wilson, Canupp did update his application to include all felony convictions.

However, because of an indecent exposure conviction, Canupp is not permitted to be on city property, according to City Manager Ray Allen.

“[Canupp] was banned on April 16, 2006 from all parks and property in the city of Albemarle,” Allen said, adding that the ban, which was an order from the magistrate’s office, extends to Albemarle City Hall.

“Now that the city is aware of the ban, it would have to be enforced.”

As a result, Canupp would have to be escorted from the property if he were to enter city hall, which could prevent him from serving if he were to win the election.

Canupp does have the option, however, to ask that the ban be lifted.

“He can petition the [Albemarle Police] chief to rescind the ban. It’s at the chief’s descretion if the ban is lifted,” Allen said.

When asked Monday, Canupp said he was not aware of the ban, but that he does intend to request that it be lifted.