Another look at SCS plans

Published 5:06 pm Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Editor’s Note: The following information was released by Stanly County Schools following a survey on proposed programs within the schools. This is the third in a series of survey questions and answers that will appear over the next few editions. (For earlier segments, visit

19) Can students take ARTS at all traditional high schools?
Yes — these are available either seated or through telepresence online.

20) Will students be able to apply to multiple schools of choice? If so what is process for school of acceptance?
Just as current policy applies, a student must have a primary school of enrollment. If there is a course not available from the primary school then student may utilize other options — see Q&A # 2.
Details and procedures are still being determined.

21) Is telecommunicating classes not the same idea as NCVPS (North Carolina Virtual Public School)?
Making telepresence more personable as the student knows the teacher which is important as 40 percent of learning is socially and emotionally based. We will also use our certified virtual teachers where possible, again, giving our students a more personable education experience than NCVPS.

22) How will students be accepted into the dual immersion program at Endy?
This program is scheduled to begin fall 2019. Program details and enrollment procedures are still being finalized.

23) Can anyone in the county take advantage of the dual immersion program? If so is there transportation provided and what is the criteria for entry?
This program will begin with Kindergarten the first year, with additional grades added each year. Details and procedures are still being determined.

24) The plan says that they will have opportunities starting in Kindergarten. Are we asking kids to decide what their career interests are that early? There are very little details about this other than proximity of Albemarle to CHS Stanly, what other criteria led to that selection? How will you attract kids to Albemarle High school for this if they are out of Albemarle district?
The proposed additional STEM Early College will continue the current focus in Health Sciences that is housed at AHS. SCS currently partners with SCC, with the SCC lab on the campus of AHS, for Nurse Aide courses and certification.
Students will be able to apply for enrollment into the Early College not only for Health Sciences but also for College Transfer/Associate Degree programs and many career pathways with industry certifications.

25) What further opportunities will be available through AHS and/or the Early College on AHS campus?
SCS is in the planning and application stage for the new STEM Early College.
There will be a strong focus in the areas of health sciences and human services, and SCS is working to further partner with Stanly Community College, as well as Pfeiffer University.

26) Why put an AP Academy at one of buildings that was recommend to be closed by a previous outside study conducted in 2014-2015?
The SCS BOE currently has not planned for any school closing, therefore planning and development of educational opportunities must continue for our students and betterment of our communities.

27) Does AP academy require enrollment in 9th grade? If a student chooses to drop out of the program what are the consequences?
For any student interested in the AP Capstone diploma, it is highly recommended by College Board that a student does start the rigorous course offerings beginning in 9th grade to prepare for the IB program courses officially beginning in 11th grade.
Students not completing the AP Capstone process should still be on point for their graduation timeline, just without the Capstone diploma courses (either completing with standard or honors courses).
As SCS completes the planning and application stage, these types of questions are being considered. Details and procedures are still being determined.