Piano students present recital

Published 10:55 am Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The piano students of Joyce Harwood presented a piano recital at Second Street Presbyterian Church on May 20.
Students playing in their first recital were Andrew Harwood, Amelia Holt, Ella Morgan, Polly Nantz and Emily Williamson.
Other student performers were Mia Benoy, Katie Buchannon, Jonathan Claxton, Rebecca Claxton, Allyson Harkey, Tyler Horton, Adam Jolly, Spencer Lambert, Sarai Lopez, Nate Ludeking, Claire Mauldin, Eden Morton, Emma Nantz, Ethan Richards, Seth Richards, Kaydence Roberson, Jacob Rodgers, Wesley Rodgers, Melani Sanchez, Meidin Shelnutt, Rachel Stewart, Brad Stichnoth, Catherine Thornburg, Rachel Thornburg, Ben Williamson and Jack Williamson.
At the conclusion of the recital the students were presented the certificates and pins that they were awarded in the recent National Piano Playing auditions.
Eleven students were recognized for playing on the National Honor Roll (a 10-piece memorized program) for five or more years, and were presented a special composer pin. The students and the years they have played are as follows: five years — Spencer Lambert, Ben Williamson; six years — Allyson Harkey, Rachel Thornburg; seven years — Emma Nantz, Jack Williamson; eight years — Ethan Richards, Brad Stichnoth.
Jonathan Claxton, Rebecca Claxton and Neidin Shelnutt have played on the National Honor Roll for 10 years and were awarded the Paderewski Gold Medal.
Adam Jolly and Brad Stichnoth were recognized as graduating seniors.

Students, from left, front row: Mia Benoy, Emily Williamson, Andrew Harwood, Claire Mauldin; center row: Ella Morgan, Amelia Holt, Nate Ludeking, Seth Richards; back row: Kaydence Roberson, Eden Morton, Jacob Rodgers, Polly Nantz.

Students, from left, front row: Ben Williamson, Rachel Stewart, Jack Williamson; center row: Spencer Lambert, Wesley Rodgers, Melani Sanchez, Catherine Thornburg; back row: Katie Buchannon, Tyler Horton, Ethan Richards, Sarai Lopez.

Students, from left, front row: Neidin Shelnutt, Rebecca Claxton, Emma Nantz, Allyson Harkey; back row: Brad Stichnoth, Adam Jolly, Rachel Thornburg, Jonathan Claxton.