SCS Q&A concludes

Published 10:51 am Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Editor’s Note: The following information was released by Stanly County Schools following a survey on proposed programs within the schools. This is the last part in a series of survey questions and answers that will appear over the next few editions. (For earlier segments, visit

28) How will students take AP classes? What is the success rate of SCS students taking AP classes online or satellite?
Actually the success of online classes for AP is high. We have room for improvement in some of our face to face AP classes. The platform of delivery typically is not the issue, as with any class, having the best teacher and motivated students produces success.

29) Why was NSHS selected as the IB site and what is the cost burden of this program?
The cost of the IB program would be almost entirely paid for if we gain one student back from homeschool, Gray Stone or any private school. We have over 1,600 students not attending SCS for a dollar loss of nearly $13 million.
The College Board IB application process has a onetime start-up fee, payable over three years. There is a yearly fee afterwards for program sustainability.
College Board provides strong professional development to selected IB teachers.

30) Does the IB program start in 9th grade or wait until 11th grade? What is the selection process? What if a student is not successful and needs to drop out of the program?
For any student interested in the IB Diploma Programme or the IB Career Programme, it is highly recommended by College Board that a student starts the rigorous course offerings beginning in 9th grade to prepare for the IB program courses officially beginning in 11th grade.
Students not completing the IB course process should still be on point for their graduation timeline, just without the IB diploma courses (either completing with standard or honors courses).
As SCS completes the planning and application stage, these types of questions are being considered. Details and procedures are still being determined.

31) What kind of training beyond a regular teaching license will be required of teachers in order to offer each program emphasis, especially in the area of arts?
Stanly County Schools will ensure professional development is provided.

32) Should our mission not be to provide every child with the best teacher possible in every area and put our resources into this?
Absolutely, but the negative personification of the education field has caused a significant drop in education majors. North Carolina needs approximately 10,000 new teachers a year, we are graduating less than 3,000. In the area of math and science the number of students going into the classroom in dismal at best.
Continual per pupil spending has dropped in our state since 2008. Support staff, materials, high stakes testing have all added to the work load of teachers making it competitive to find the best teachers each year. Therefore, it is important we support and retain our great teachers.

33) How much more money would these teachers earn? And how would you subsidize that? Would IB teachers at North earn more also? How does that help other two schools if “master teachers” are all pulled to those schools?
Details and procedures are still being determined. The goal for SCS is to have well trained teachers in all of our schools. Years of teaching experience is invaluable in the profession. Also, new teachers bring fresh, innovative strategies to the profession which is equally as valuable to our students.

34) Will high school counselors be trained in the processes needed to understand IB Diploma, AP Capstone, Early College, industry certifications and emphasis in the arts? Especially when it comes to advising students for college and careers?
Yes. SCS guidance have had experience assisting students with acceptance to many colleges and universities, and into specific program areas as the arts, medical fields, agricultural, etc. There are yearly workshops provided by NC universities and College Board they attend, as well as many others.

35) Will it not be a much better plan to offer one high school, consolidation of all four? One high school would offer all options to all students.
The SCS BOE currently has not planned for any school consolidations, therefore planning and development of educational opportunities must continue for our students and betterment of our communities.

36) Community colleges offer college transfer courses and student receive dual credits, high school and college. Why will students want to take IB or AP when community college CCP courses are available?
Education is not a “one size fits all” anymore. The needs of the 21st Century students have changed. Stanly County Schools must strive to provide and meet the needs of all students and feel through these programs, every student has that opportunity.