SCC wins at SkillsUSA

Published 5:10 pm Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Stanly Community College successfully competed in the SkillsUSA North Carolina Conference in Greensboro.
SCC had 46 students competing in 17 categories. SCC was able to bring home 24 medals: eight first-place awards, nine second-place awards, five third-place awards, one fourth-place award and one fifth-place award.
Additionally, SCC had a number of faculty members participating as contest judges. The judges present included Kelly Caudle, Brian Crump, Frank Lambert, Jeff Swaringen, Tony Ware, and volunteers Dan Parmer and Starra Robinson-Herring.
“I am proud of our students and faculty who participated on SCC’s SkillsUSA team,” said SCC President John Enamait. “Every aspect of this effort is something for which the entire college should be proud. This is a great job to all concerned and an excellent learning experience that will be remembered by students for years to come.”


SCC Cosmetology students proudly display their skills at SkillsUSA.

Network Technology Instructor Frank
Lambert gives
pointers during
SkillsUSA competition to SCC

Below is the list of categories, advisors and contestant winners:
• Related Technical Math:
Advisor – April Simpson
1st Place – Devin Bonney
2nd – Place – Jessica Meert
4th – Place – Christopher Bearden
5th Place – Michael Harrington
• Internetworking:
Advisors – Brandon Crump and Nick Huneycutt
1st Place – Christopher Pallotta
2nd Place – Dean Clark
• Prepared Speech:
Advisor – Claudia Gresham
3rd – Mekayla Sikes
• Hair Coloring:
Advisors – David Smith and Gena Trogdon
2nd Place – Autumn Turner
• Robotics Urban Search and Rescue (team):
Advisor – Gary Hatley
3rd Place – Jason Addison
3rd Place – Gary Williams
• Industrial Motor Control:
Advisor – Gary Hatley
3rd Place – Va Yang
• Mechatronics (Team):
Advisor – Gary Hatley
1st Place – Curt Love
1st Place – Ryan Hittepole
• Electronics Technology:
Advisor – Gary Hatley
1st Place – James Clubb III
2nd Place – Tyler Tucker
3rd Place – Mason Thomas
• Adobe Digital Design:
Advisor – Josh Gooch
1st – Place – Miranda Marbry
• Medical Math:
Advisor – Kayla Huneycutt
1st Place – Kimberly Griffin
• Medical Terminology:
Advisor – Kayla Huneycutt
1st Place – Tammie Snyder
• Health Knowledge Bowl:
Advisor – Kayla Huneycutt
2nd Place (team) – Savannah Jeffery
2nd Place (team) – Holly Harris
2nd Place (team) – Sherry Little
2nd Place (team) – Myra Russell
• Information Technology Services:
Advisor – Nick Huneycutt
2nd Place – Nathan Cornett