SCS conducts Home School Parent Night

Published 5:39 pm Tuesday, June 26, 2018

By Braidyn Davis, for the SNAP

Stanly County Schools hosted a homeschool parent night on June 14 at Stanly County Board of Education.
Superintendent Jeff James and other SCS representatives presented parents with information about new educational opportunities for homeschooled children in the county.

Jeff James

James informed parents on a new program that would allow homeschooled kids to take some classes within the SCS system, as well as participate in sports and other extracurriculars.
James explained that no one is an expert teacher in all core subjects, so the program could help parents who are having difficulty teaching a certain subject.
“If you’re really struggling with math, you can drop your child off at your home base school for math instruction that day and pick them up when the class is over.”
For grades K-5, students would attend what classes they need at the elementary school closest to their home, and grade 6-8 students would attend classes at their closest middle school.
High school students would attend classes on the campus of Stanly Community College. However, students and parents can choose to take their needed courses completely online as well.
“Students can build a schedule that meets their needs — mix and match,” said James.
With the program, middle school-aged students can play sports at a school if they are taking at least two courses there. High school-aged students can play sports if they are taking at least three SCS courses.
“We are not trying to move you out of homeschool, we just want to give you the best of both worlds,” said James.
He went on to explain that students who are at home for extended periods because of medical reasons are a big source of dropouts. The board believes this can reduce the dropout rate from those students by offering education at home.
“There are several ways that you can tap into what we offer,” said James. “So if you wanted to do everything at home, you would enroll with us, we would provide those resources free of charge to you, we would pay for the courses. We would also provide you with a Chromebook.”
The only cost the students and parents would have to pay currently is for textbooks, but James and other representatives are working to change that.
“We’re here to supplement what you’re already doing at homeschool or it can replace it entirely, it’s up to you as a parent what you feel comfortable with,” said James.
Parents who are interested in registering their students for the program can contact Stanly County Virtual Education — SCoVE — at 704-961-3000.

Braidyn Davis is a freelance contributor for The Stanly News & Press.