YMCA speed limit stays the same

Published 4:28 pm Thursday, July 19, 2018

Despite requests, the speed limit near the Stanly County YMCA will remain the same.

Back in April, the Albemarle City Council asked the N.C. Department of Transportation to lower the speed limit along the section of First Street that runs between the YMCA and Cannon Memorial Park. Currently it is 35 mph; the request was to lower it to 25 mph.

However, NCDOT recently issued a letter stating it will not change the speed limit.

“Our staff performed a comprehensive speed limit analysis, including radar speed measurements, corridor geometrical characteristics … crash history and ordinance review,” wrote Division 10 traffic engineer Anthony Tagliaferri. “This comprehensive analysis showed the 35 mph speed limit is appropriate for the corridor. Therefore, our recommendation is to maintain the speed limit along First Street.”

The city also asked NCDOT to investigate the intersection of Salisbury Avenue and Sherwood Drive. According to residents, cars parked near the intersection limit visibility.

“It’s very dangerous turning out,” Dave Andrews said.

However, after a preliminary analysis of the intersection, NCDOT found no need to limit parking near the intersection.

“The roadway is about 28-30 feet wide in this vicinity so cars should be able to pass even if there are cars parked on the roadway,” Tagliaferri said. “But we will continue to monitor and investigate this location to see if the frequency or location of parking changes and revisit it at a later time.”

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