PETER ASCIUTTO COLUMN: Organizers plan Waffle House Tribute Run

Published 5:39 pm Friday, July 20, 2018

Peter Asciutto

Since 2008, Albemarle has been the home to two Waffle House 24-hour restaurants. Sadly, one of the Waffle Houses is closing. On Monday, the Waffle House on N.C. Highway 740 will lock its doors for good. The Waffle House on U.S. Highway 52 will remain open.
Vac & Dash will host its final “From one Waffle House to the other Waffle House and back” Waffle House 10K Plus Run on Sunday at 6:45 a.m.
The Waffle House 10K Plus Run began in the fall of 2008 when Sharon Davis, Sharon Dunstin, Jay Eckman, Nehemiah Parah, John Bates, Gwen Lanning, Kassie Taylor and I ran from one Waffle House to the other Waffle House and back on a chilly morning.
The Waffle House Run is one of the most popular runs in Albemarle. Usually more than 100 runners from throughout the region show up for the event.
The course is simple. We start at the Waffle House at 1718 U.S. 52 in Albemarle. We run on U.S. 52 to the Northeast Connector down to the Waffle House on the corner of N.C. 740 and the Northeast Connector. You turn around in the Waffle House parking lot and return to the Waffle House on U.S. 52.
If you only want to run a 5K, you can turn around at the traffic circle at Ridge Road.
Of course, the best part of the morning is carbing up at the Waffle House after the run. The staff of the Waffle House is fantastic and very supportive of the running community.
Please make sure you tip well. They work hard and love it when the runners come in to eat after the run.
The next Waffle House Run will be held on Labor Day. However, the same course will be described as “From one Waffle House to the former Waffle House and back.”
There is no charge to participate in the Waffle House Run. Peace – Run – Waffles T-shirts will be available for sale.
You can register on or at Vac & Dash. For more information contact Vac & Dash at 704-983-3274.

Peter Asciutto is a running enthusiast and owner of Vac & Dash.