Published 2:41 pm Thursday, August 2, 2018

Have you ever moved? Did you find any friends to help you?

Doug Creamer writes a religion column twice a month for the SNAP.

We have moved many times in our lives, and I have leaned on a few friends to help in the process. On my last two moves I hired a company to help with the big stuff. There was plenty of small stuff to keep a few friends busy.
Moving is not my favorite thing to do and I am glad that we don’t have the prospect of moving on the horizon.
This topic comes to mind because a friend of mine was moving. I offered some help and they were glad that I offered. This family hired a company to move all the big stuff and had moved much of the little stuff already. What they needed me to do was help with the cleaning and last minute things.
No one likes to let others see behind the curtain to the reality that we all live in. I see the dust bunnies peeking out from under the bed. I know my bathroom needs to be cleaned, but nobody is ever going to see it. I will get around to cleaning things up soon…right?
The trouble with that train of thought is when it comes to moving. Everything has to be moved out, and guess what is left behind? Dust bunnies and cobwebs in the corners.
Was there really that much lint under the dryer? Did you really find a snake skin in the basement?
We were working in the kitchen and one of the other helpers that was there asked what to do with all the odds and ends that were lying around. I suggested getting a box. She filled it and then asked, “What do I label the box?” I laughed and said, “Junk!” When the family heard us laughing, they laughed too. You have to have some fun while you are working.
I am having fun writing this because I know that the family will read it. They are a great family and good friends. I love and care for them very much…otherwise, why volunteer to move them?
Actually, this was a smooth move, mainly because I didn’t have to do any of the heavy carrying out. I spent most of my time there cleaning. I did explain to the wife that I was doing “guy” cleaning. She laughed and said that would be sufficient.
One of the things that you discover when you move is how much stuff you actually own. While I am having a great time teasing this family in writing about their “stuff,” we have plenty of our own stuff here at our house. My wife and I have been trying to go through stuff this summer. It isn’t easy for us as we are both sentimental packrats. We both start off strong…we are going to throw stuff out…then we look through it and decide to keep it.
You might think that I would have extra motivation to get rid of things after seeing all the stuff at my friend’s house, but it is still tough for us to pare down.
What is hard to keep in mind is that one day we will all leave our stuff behind to go to our heavenly home. Which for me brings up an interesting question, will I have “junk” in heaven?
We have been doing an interesting study at my church about our eternal home. There are so many mind-blowing things in the scripture about heaven, like the city of Jerusalem will be bigger than the United States. We will each have a mansion…well, that could help with all the stuff! Heaven will be something far beyond all we can imagine. I can’t wait to see where I will live, but I especially want to see the gardens…both vegetable and flower gardens.
The important question out of all this fun I have been having writing this column is this: Where is your treasure? Do you treasure all the things you own here or are you living your life to build your treasure in your heavenly home? If your treasure is in heaven then your heart will be there, too.
I want to encourage you to make the most important decision of your life: choose to ask Jesus to be your Savior so you will have a home in heaven. Being at home with Jesus will be the best treasure of all. Whether our mansions are stuffed or not really won’t be very important, as long as we are with our Savior. I am excited to know that I will someday be in heaven. I hope to see you there.

Doug Creamer writes a column about religion for The Stanly News & Press. Contact him at doug@dougcreamer. com.