ELLEN GASKINS: Ridgecrest church to host community yard sale

Published 7:49 pm Thursday, August 9, 2018

Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church

Ellen Gaskins writes the Ridgecrest News.

July 29, the worship service was led by Ellen Gaskins. The scriptures were from I Corinthians 15:12-19. The Old Testament reading was from Genesis 2:15-17.

August 5, the message, “Some Common Sense,” was presented by Larry Pittman. The sermon scriptures were from Ezekiel 22:8-14. The Old Testament readings were from I Corinthians 15:29-34.
On Saturday, from 7 a.m. until 2 p.m. there will be a community yard sale held in the fellowship hall at Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church.

Anyone who would like to donate to this yard sale is ask to bring their items to the church fellowship hall and leave them at the door.

Items will be brought into the fellowship hall daily. All proceeds will go to the church.
Please make plans to come by and check out all the items. Everyone is welcome.

Homecoming is Sept. 9. Please spread the word to everyone and plan to join us for the service, food and fellowship. There will be a covered dish meal following the morning service. Lots of good homecooked food so plan to be there.

The Mid-Atlantic Presbytery meeting is Sept. 28-29, at the Lake Forest Church in Huntersville. We need two Elders to attend. Elders are asked to consider going and let the pastor know if you can go.

Prayer meeting is now on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.. All are welcome to join us in the fellowship hall.

The August food challenge for the Stanly Community Christian Ministry is canned or dried beans, canned tomatoes and rice. They are also in need of soup, Beef-a-roni, Hamburger Helper, jelly, canned meats and oatmeal.

August Birthdays
16 — Lewis Furr

August Anniversaries
25 — Coy and Martha Thompson, 29 — Larry and Tammy Pittman

Dates to Remember
Aug. 11 — Community yard sale at Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church
Sept. 9 — Homecoming
Sept. 26 — Walk for life
Sept. 28-29 — Mid-Atlantic Presbytery meeting

Prayer Concerns
Don Almond asks that we keep him in our prayers. Mr. Almond would welcome any and all visitors who would like to stop by and see him. Don has moved to Woodhaven, in room 100.

If anyone would like to send him a card his address is as follows: Don Almond, Woodhaven Court Room #100, 1930 Woodhaven Drive, Albemarle, NC 28001.
Nancy and Kathy, Jimmy, Judy Chappell, David Fesperman, Tammy Pittman, Steve and Laura Troutman, Candi and Jeremy Reed, Rozenna Tucker, Wanda Krimminger and Bob, Tammy’s mother, Charlene Wallace and son-in-law, Don Almond, Larry and Betty Mauney, Steve White, Roy and Lois Furr, Jeannette Troutman, Katie Fisher, Pauline Tucker, Charlie and Mary Isenhower.

Oak Grove UMC
Oak Grove United Methodist Church is at 32056 Herrin Grove Road, Mt. Pleasant.

Bridge to Recovery is collecting new or gently used bathing towels for their residents. Please consider helping by bringing a donation.

For Beau’s ordination process, he has to do a service project.

On the third Sunday of each month he would like to collect donations towards the purchase of books for each kindergartner at the end of the school year at Millingport Elementary to have to read for the summer. There are more than 30 kindergarten students.

The same is being done for Badin Elementary. Thank you for your help and support.

Warrior Jace bracelets are available in the sanctuary on the front pew. You can leave a donation or take one free of charge. Please continue to keep praying for Jace and his family.

The congregation is asked to bring in canned food, toiletries and other necessities every week to donate to those that need it most in our community.

Call Ellen Gaskins at 704-485-8177, leave a message or email yellow feather59@hotmail.com.