Kelly Dombrowski Column: Oakboro STEM set for its second year

Published 9:34 am Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Kelly Dombrowski

Name: Kelly Dombrowski

Number of years as principal: This is her second year at Oakboro Choice STEM.

Contact: 704-961-4700

Estimated Enrollment: 360

Years in Education: 24

Bio: I am starting my second year as the principal of Oakboro Choice STEM, which will also begin its second year as the county’s choice STEM school.
I have three daughters with my husband Jason, who I met while at Pfeiffer College.
An interesting fact about me is that I recently traveled to Iceland and rode an Icelandic horse, and its very smooth 5th gait called the TÖLT.

* * *

The staff and I are excited to welcome new and returning scholars to Oakboro Choice STEM for the 2018-19 school year. It is a dynamic place to be and an educational experience that many refer to as unique and invigorating.
This feel and “buzz” is directly related to our scholars and their love of learning. This year, we expect 360 new and returning K-8 learners to fill our halls and soar with Eagle excellence.
These scholars will come from all four areas of the county and this year we will host the inaugural season of cross country for men and women.
I am so proud of the exciting things that occurred last year and that we look to build upon this year.
Our teachers acquired just under $35,000 in grants or donations last year for supplies and programs for our students and will work closely with families to do so again this year.
Most importantly we will continue to grow our scholars into lifelong learners who embrace their curiosity and seize the opportunity to apply real life experiences to the lessons learned in class.
Equally important is our school wide goal to become recognized as a NC STEM School of Distinction by providing a wide variety of experiences for our scholars and collaborative initiatives for our teachers.
Whether it is applying presentation skills through STEM showcases or working in the community garden, our scholars recognize the importance of becoming community leaders who make a difference throughout the county no matter their age.
This year we will focus on strengthening academic performance, community partnerships and family involvement, because when we approach education as a united team, we all win.
All in all, this year holds a great deal of growth for all involved and we invite you to come soar with us.