Joy Hathcock: New to Aquadale, but not new to education

Published 12:22 pm Thursday, August 16, 2018

Joy Hathcock

Name: Joy Hathcock

Years in Education: 17

Years at Aquadale: First Year

Contact info: or 704-961-5600

Current Enrollment: 320

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Aquadale Elementary Students and Parents,
I’d like to welcome everyone to the 2018-2019 school year.
I am excited to serve as your new principal. Over the past couple of weeks I have had the chance to learn many things about Aquadale and the word “family” is repeated over and over by many.
I have seen firsthand just how welcoming and helpful the staff and community is to those who are new to the school.
Although new to the school, I am not new to the area. I grew up not far from the school and I am starting my 17th year in education, all with Stanly County Schools.
I have served in various roles at the middle and high school levels from teacher and coach to assistant principal and principal.
I live in New London with my husband, Cary, and our 8-year-old son, Cacy.
I look forward to working with the great teachers, students and community to continue and to build on the excellence found here at Aquadale.
This year we will work to continue cultivating the atmosphere of family and the tradition of strong academic performance.
We offer a variety of clubs and groups for kids to be a part of and our PTO is extremely supportive in helping us achieve our school goals. They host many events for our students and parents throughout the year that create wonderful memories and support our staff in many ways.
We are also excited about the coming addition of our school garden and look forward to many lessons learned through gardening.
I encourage everyone, students and parents, to get involved and be a part of the great things happening at Aquadale Elementary.
I look forward to a great school year and I welcome your input.
Working together we can build a strong academic and emotional foundation for our students to grow and flourish.