Damon Rhodes Column: Badin looks to engage parents and community

Published 12:01 pm Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Damon Rhodes

Name: Damon Rhodes

Contact: damon.rhodes@stanlycountyschools.org; Badin Elementary School, 47 Henderson St., P.O. Box 308, Badin. NC 28009.

Estimated enrollment: 490 students

Years in Education: 20 years, 13 as principal (all in Stanly County)

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Badin Elementary is a true community school. The staff and parents take great pride in the school and what it represents. Students love coming to school each and every day.

As the staff prepares for the first day of school, our goal is to provide the high quality learning environment where students are valued and challenged.

We also will continue to engage the community and strive to have parent and community involvement and support throughout the year.

The K-2 staff will focus on the development and strengthening of reading and math skills through the use of formative assessments and frequent data analysis.

In grades 3-5, students will be challenged in the classroom to further develop their knowledge and skills in the core subjects.

The education of a child involves more than the usual “academic” subjects. Students will have the opportunity to explore interests in art, music, physical education and STEM.

Badin Elementary welcomes the opportunity to develop the students —building well-rounded, contributing citizens.