Devron Furr: Albemarle Middle urges parents to be active at school

Published 11:47 am Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Devron Furr

Name: Devron Furr

School: Albemarle Middle School, 1811 Badin Road, Albemarle, NC 28001

Contact:, 704-961-3400

Estimated enrollment: 385 students

Years in Education: 18 years, fourth year as principal in Stanly County

* * *

We want to welcome back our families to Albemarle Middle School and we hope you had a wonderful summer.

Our staff works hard to ensure your child is successful through rigorous bell to bell teaching and focused interventions.

We urge parents to become active participants at Albemarle Middle School to support our students, teachers and learning initiatives. Working together we can help your child achieve great things at Albemarle Middle School.

Our school provides excellent instruction for 6th, 7th and 8th grade as well as an exceptional children’s program.

We also have an outstanding exploratory program where students are given an enriched experience by offering Art, Band, STEM, Career Education and Technology Exploration.

We also offer a variety of sports in which students can participate including football, girls volleyball, cross country, tennis, softball and baseball.

Albemarle Middle School is proud of our community support. Our administrative team invites business and community members to partner with us to support our school.

We encourage you to stop by our school to see the wonderful things that your Bulldogs have accomplished. We are proud of the educational opportunities offered to our students through a driven, knowledgeable and oustanding faculty and staff.

We hope you have a successful and enjoyable year at Albemarle Middle School.