Ellen Gaskins Column: Ridgecrest church conducts homecoming

Published 4:42 pm Saturday, September 15, 2018

Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church

Sept. 2, the message, “Labor,” was delivered by Larry Pittman. The sermon scriptures were from II Thessalonians 3:6-15. The Old Testament reading was from Ecclesiastes 9:9-10.

Sept. 9, the message, “Blessed Assurance,” was presented by Pittman. The sermon scriptures were from John 10:22-30. The Old Testament readings were from Psalm 23.

Ellen Gaskins writes the Ridgecrest News.

Homecoming was held at Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church on Sept. 9. There were many faces from the past and lots of food. Everyone enjoyed the service, food and fellowship. Thank you to all who help with the preparation.

Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church total food donation to the Stanly Community Christian Ministry for July was 40 pounds. In August the total was 30 pounds.

Prayer meeting is now on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

The September food challenge for the SCCM is canned meat (tuna, chicken, spam, salmon). They are also in need of canned fruit in juice, mac and cheese, canned meats and two-pound bags of rice.

September Birthday

30 — Larry Pittman

October Birthdays

13 — Walter Furr, 26 — Bob Krimminger


We at Ridgecrest Presbyterian Church wish to keep the family of Judy Smith in our thoughts and prayers. She was a beloved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Please keep the close friends of Lindell Morton in your prayers. Lindell will surely be missed by all in and around the Millingport area. He always had a kind heart for all he met.

Our thoughts and prayers also for the family of Willie Helms.

Prayer Concerns

Don Almond asks that we keep him in our prayers. Mr. Almond would welcome any and all visitors who would like to stop by and see him. Don has moved to Woodhaven, in room 100. If anyone would like to send him a card his address is as follows: Don Almond, Woodhaven Court Room #100, 1930 Woodhaven Drive, Albemarle, North Carolina 28001.

Also pray for Emma Porter, LaKaye and Ottie, Sherry Torrance, Delorce, Kristen Lee, Amy Hartsell and family, May Parker, Judy Chappell, David Fesperman, Steve and Laura Troutman, Candi and Jeremy Reed, Rozenna Tucker, Wanda Krimminger and Bob, Tammy’s mother, Charlene Wallace and son-in-law, Don Almond, Larry and Betty Mauney, Roy and Lois Furr, Jeannette Troutman, Katie Fisher, Pauline Tucker, Charlie and Mary Isenhower,

Oak Grove UMC

Oak Grove United Methodist Church is at 32056 Herrin Grove Road, Mt. Pleasant.

We are taking “Letters of Encouragement” for the TarHeel Academy kids. They are ages 16-18. They are in the middle of their current session. Please give letters to Trish Chandler or Rev. Beau Linker
Back to school drive: We are collecting items to donate to our local schools (pens, pencils, crayons, notebooks, etc.).

Mission minute and Cupboard of Love: The congregation is asked to bring in canned food, toiletries and other necessities every week to donate to those that need it most in our community.

September Anniversaries

23 — Alex and Lynette Whitley

September Birthdays

6 — Thad Little, 8 — Michael Kendrick, Charles Safrit, 9 — Sara Barr, 24 — Cleo Efird, 29 — Aubrey Whitley

Prayer List

Gary Almond, Hoye Almond, Vivian Almond, Patsy Blake, Carl Bost, Jeremy Bost, Just Bradley, James Brown, Cathy Burleson, Terry Burnette, Julie Car, Guy Clark, Dean and Catherine Combs, Deloris, Cody, Megan Cooper, Windy Cooper, Larry and Evelyn Cowan, Angela Efird, Dan Eudy, Darren Ewing, Tina Ewing, Jack Faulkner, Tyler Fulton, Kynadee Furr, Margie Furr, Todd Hannah, Beth Harris, Tex Hatley, Peyton Howell, Betty Jones, Doug Matters, George McCormac, Arnold McDonald, Sue Moore, Rebecca Monde, Randy Nickel, Billy Robins, Beverly Sechier, Charles, Simpson, Teresa Taylor, Jon Teal, David Thurston, George Troling, Erika Williams, Grace Whitaker, Ann Worley, Andra Bennett, Connie Blalock, Mike Bunting’s mother, EB Eudy, Cody Gough, Louvetta Gray, Doris and Bert Hudson, Jace Thompson and Steve Troutman.

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