Letter: Let’s keep Stanly beautiful

Published 7:23 am Thursday, September 20, 2018

Stanly County is a beautiful place to live and work, but we have a litter problem.

Research has shown that litter attracts litter. When an area is frequently littered, that sends the message that this kind of behavior is acceptable.

We believe it is not acceptable.

If we work together we can reduce the amount of litter in Stanly County.

The Keep Stanly Beautiful Corporation would like to encourage everyone in Stanly County to participate in the State-Wide Fall Litter Sweep Cleanup through Sept. 29.

Any groups that have adopted a section of highway or specific streets are encouraged to make a special effort to check your area and remove any litter that has accumulated since your last pick up.

Stanly County would look so much more attractive if each municipality would identify an area in your community that needs attention and then organize a group to tackle the unsightly area.

Even individuals can make a big difference in the appearance of our county. If every person would make it a point to pick up the litter around their home just think what a difference that would make.

Between now and Sept. 29, let’s work together to make Stanly beautiful and free from litter.

Thank you in advance for participating locally in the state-wide Litter Sweep Clean-up.

Pat Bramlett