McKenzie Horne: Gray Stone class presents a new learning approach

Published 3:39 pm Thursday, September 20, 2018

The AP Physics students at Gray Stone Day School took an unconventional approach to studying physics on Aug. 28.

During class, students headed to the soccer field to collect different types of data regarding uniform acceleration, gravity and friction.

McKenzie Horne is a student at Gray Stone Day School.

An inflatable slide from All for Fun was used to represent an inclined plane while different objects of various shapes and sizes were rolled down the slide.

Next, students calculated the velocity of the objects or, in other words, how long it took the objects to roll down the slide.

Some students even went down the slide and calculated their own velocity.

Also, principal Jeff Morris dropped objects off Gray Stone’s rooftop so students would have a clear visual of how objects fall, relating to the laws of physics.
Students studied and calculated if the size of the objects related to how fast the object would fall.

“It is really cool to have an involved staff and people who are eager to be involved in the learning environment,” physics teacher Laura Almond said.

This opportunity offered students a hands-on learning experience where they could clearly see what was happening to objects when rolled down an inclined plane or dropped off a building.
“It was a fun and unique way to engage the students in the learning environment,” Almond said. “Hands-on learning can be more beneficial than a worksheet, because you are making a connection with something you’re familiar with to something new.”

Gray Stone students were given a chance to see their studies come to life outside of the traditional classroom setting in a fun and engaging way.

McKenzie Horne is a student at Gray Stone Day School.