Reagan Efird: Early College students enjoy new sports rule

Published 8:20 am Friday, September 21, 2018

As of this school year, Stanly Early College students are able to play sports at the traditional high schools.

Reagan Efird is a student at Stanly Early College.

Wherever the student would have gone for high school, they are now allowed to go to and participate in school sports.

It allows Stanly Early College students to play a wider variety of sports in the traditional high school setting.

Stanly Early College seniors Angel Ochoa and Jovanny Guillen have been able to join the Albemarle High School soccer team because of this new rule. They have both enjoyed it immensely.

Ochoa and Guillen have also been able to catch up with old friends at Albemarle.

“We feel as if we’ve really added something new to the team this year,” Ochoa says.
Ochoa and Guillen believe the team is on track to having the best school record for the past five years.

Reagan Efird, a student at Stanly Early College, writes about events at the school for The Stanly News & Press.