McKenzie Horne: Journalism at Gray Stone

Published 9:49 am Thursday, October 4, 2018

The journalism students at Gray Stone Day School have been learning what specific skills and knowledge it takes to become an efficient journalist.

Since the beginning of the school year, students have been writing weekly articles on various topics of their choice. After students write their articles, they then publish them, along with a photo relating to their topic, on the Knightly Emissary.

McKenzie Horne is a student at Gray Stone Day School.

The Knightly Emissary is a website specifically made for Gray Stone journalists to post and publish their articles. To read their weekly articles and latest updates visit

During class, Gray Stone’s journalists combine the skills of researching, writing, speaking and photography to construct an article and publish it online.

Journalists have to be strong researchers to produce articles that are both appealing and informative to the public. The students at Gray Stone have been choosing to write and research about the topics of their choice.

It is important that journalists research their topics thoroughly so they can provide accurate information to the public.

Some topics include, traveling, photography, restaurant reviews, world news and updates on events happening at Gray Stone.

“I encourage my students to write about topics that interest them,” journalism teacher Mary Blanton said. “Journalism allows students to research topics that are interesting to them in more detail. I have high hopes that this journalism class will help prepare students for college.”

Also, writing is a crucial skill needed to successfully become a proficient journalist.

Journalists have to be strong writers to produce articles that are both engaging and illuminating to the public. Practicing these writing skills can benefit students in other classes as well.

Journalism student Ella Hendenskog said: “I’ve gained more skills for writing papers in English thanks to journalism.”

Additionally, it is important that journalists have excellent communication and speaking skills so they can successfully interview people.

Journalism students at Gray Stone practice these skills by interviewing various teachers and students throughout the school to help support the information relating to their topic.

“Having good communication skills makes it easier to get information about your topics,” said journalism student Daphne Rios.

This additional information strengthens the article and provides more context for the reader.

If you have time, take a moment and read the Knightly Emissary to see what these Gray Stone journalists are working on this week.

McKenzie Horne is a student at Gray Stone Day School.