No suspects in 2 city shootings

Published 3:22 pm Monday, October 15, 2018

A pair of unrelated shootings and three victims within three days have yet to yield any suspects.

Two shootings within three days of the other in the city of Albemarle have police stumped, according to Albemarle police Capt. David Dulin.

The latest shooting occurred Oct. 3 at 10:34 p.m. on North Sixth Street. Police first received a call about shots fired at North Sixth Street and Pee Dee Avenue.

Officers later found Macati Michael, 24, of 112 N. Sixth St., outside with a gunshot wound to the hand. Police also recovered several spent shell casings from the area.

“When officers arrived on the scene (Michael) said he didn’t see anything,” Dulin said. “Even to this day he doesn’t know anything.”

Michael was taken to Carolinas Healthcare System in Charlotte for his injuries.

Police believe the victim knows more than he’s telling, which is preventing investigators from solving the crime or getting a dangerous shooter off the streets.

“We’re just not getting much cooperation from the victim at this point,” Dulin said.

On the night of Sept. 30, Albemarle police responded to a double shooting on Lundix Street. They later found Marcell JaQuan Watkins, 28, and Trista Edward Crump, 32, at the hospital with gunshot wounds.

Neither the victims nor about 20 suspected witnesses at the scene and hospital shared any details to police about the shooting.

Evidence at the scene suggests the earlier shooting may have been a drive-by shooting, police said.

A lack of cooperation among victims and witnesses has become more common in inner-city shootings. Consequently, fewer of these cases are being solved.

“You about get the feeling they want to handle it themselves,” Dulin said about the victims apparent preference to avenge the shootings instead of letting police investigate.

In some cases, victims actually tell police they’ll take care of it, Dulin added.

Police have been canvassing neighbors about possible details, but to no avail.

Investigators often wait and revisit victims in hopes they’ve changed their mind about cooperating.

“We’ll let the victim settle down and reapproach,” Dulin said.

Sometimes a later event might lead to the new information, he added.

Albemarle police are asking for help in these or any other unsolved shooting. Call police at 704-984-9500 or leave an anonymous tip at 704-984-9511.

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